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At JAIN Online, we strive with each endeavor to provide the best education to those who seek it, and we work towards that consciously. We believe no reason is big enough to keep a learner from their growth and excellence.

In an effort to see this vision through, we are pleased to introduce scholarships under various categories. These programs aim to provide learners with the convenience, confidence, and security they need to embark on their journeys towards their goals. Designed to empower learners with flexibility and resources, our Scholarship Programs enable a shift in the learner’s focus towards a robust and effective education.

Here are some a few scholarships now available on JAIN Online!

Defense Personnel Scholarship

The service rendered by our defense personnel is unparalleled. Under this initiative, we aim at bringing financial relief[1] to defense personnel and their immediate family members with the Defense Personnel Scholarships, for online as well as on-campus programs offered by JAIN (Deemed-to-be University).

Currently, we are offering this scholarship to the personnel from Army Service Corps (ASC), Bangalore, who are fulfilling their dream of receiving a quality education.

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Scholarship for Government-sponsored Learners

We offer online degree and certification programs for Government-sponsored individuals and work closely with the Ministry of Education of various nations to make this possible. We currently offer scholarships to students under the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) - a Government of Guyana initiative that focuses on the advancement of their education through online and distance learning.