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Introduction to Statistics

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Oct 01, 2022
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3.5 Months
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About this Certification

This Course is intended primarily for students with a high school level Biology background, intending to pursue Statistics as a major at a graduate degree level or for those who wants to get extra college level credits in Statistics.

STATS 104 emphasizes both on quantitative and conceptual understanding of the topics and tools of Introductory statistics.

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding for the graduate student on statistical concepts to include distribution with graphs and numbers, correlation, two-way tables, sampling and biases, probability, binominal distributions, sampling distributions, two population means, population proportion, two population proportions, regression and two-way

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  • STATS 104 is an introductory course in statistics intended for students in a wide variety of areas of study. Topics discussed include displaying and describing data, the normal curve, regression, probability, statistical inference, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests with applications in the real world.
  • Students should be able to explain how statistics applies to phenomena in the world around them. Students also have the opportunity to analyze data sets using technology.
  • Students will demonstrate conceptual understanding of Basics of Statistics
  • Students will get 4 credit hours


  • Picturing Distribution with graphs
  • Scatterplots, Correlation and Regression
  • The Normal Distribution
  • Two-Way Tables
  • Sampling and Bias
  • Introducing Probability Model
  • Probability Rules
  • Binomial distribution and sampling
  • Tests Of Significance
  • Statistical inference concept
  • Inference about a population mean and t-distribution
  • Inference about two population means
  • Inference about population proportion
  • Inference about two population proportion
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How to Enroll into this Certification?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the certification courses?
12 weeks
What is the mode of delivery?
The mode of delivery is online. Live sessions will be held on the weekend.
For Genetics, Introduction of Statistics, General Chemistry with Laboratory Component, and General Physics with Laboratory Component the mode of delivery to be 100% Online Asynchronous.
What is the eligibility criteria to enroll?
The candidate should have cleared their secondary school (class 10th) examination.
What is the medium of instruction?
Who will award the Certificate?
The certificate will be awarded by JAIN (Deemed-to-be University).
How are the exams conducted?
Online, proctored examinations will be conducted.
What is the examination pattern?
Continuous assessments and end-of-the-course examination will be conducted.
Is there a minimum attendance required?
A learner is required to have a minimum participation of 75% in all activities.