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Business Intelligence and Applications

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Oct 01, 2022
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3 Months
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About this Certification

We live in an age of technology innovation, and digital advancements have profoundly revolutionized our daily lives, with one of the most profound effects felt in the business world.

This course on Business intelligence and Applications covers the technologies, applications, strategies, and practices associated with the collection, analysis, integration, and presentation of significant business data. This course is appropriate for managers at all levels working in any organization and in any domain, as the course content span over diverse topics like OLAP, Data Warehouse, ETL, Data Mining, and Reporting in Business Intelligence. These are primarily focused on assisting and facilitating better business decisions for the stakeholders. Business intelligence enables firms to have access to data that is crucial to the success of numerous sectors and departments, including sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and many others. By effectively leveraging this business intelligence and application knowledge, learners will advance their organization by providing more actionable data, gaining important insights into market trends, and enabling a more strategic decision-making approach.

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  • Gain insight on the Business Intelligence landscape.
  • Comprehend & assess the role played by various components in BI framework.
  • Apply the BI tools & technologies to improve decision making capabilities.
  • Correlate & analyze the diverse applications of Business Intelligence across industries.
  • Develop competency & specialized decision making skills that are inherently required in today’s professional managers.


  • Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Intelligence Framework
  • Introduction to Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) & Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Introduction to Data Warehouse (DW)
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Process
  • Multi-Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Business Performance Measurement (BPM)
  • Information Delivery Models of BI
  • Data Mining
  • Enterprise Reporting in BI
  • Challenges in Business Intelligence
  • Implementing BI
  • BI Tools
  • Applications of BI
  • Future Direction & Strategy in BI
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How to Enroll into this Certification?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the certification courses?
12 weeks
What is the mode of delivery?
The mode of delivery is online. Live sessions will be held on the weekend.
For Genetics, Introduction of Statistics, General Chemistry with Laboratory Component, and General Physics with Laboratory Component the mode of delivery to be 100% Online Asynchronous.
What is the eligibility criteria to enroll?
The candidate should have cleared their secondary school (class 10th) examination.
What is the medium of instruction?
Who will award the Certificate?
The certificate will be awarded by JAIN (Deemed-to-be University).
How are the exams conducted?
Online, proctored examinations will be conducted.
What is the examination pattern?
Continuous assessments and end-of-the-course examination will be conducted.
Is there a minimum attendance required?
A learner is required to have a minimum participation of 75% in all activities.