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16 May 2023

Why is an Online Marketing MBA the Right Choice for You After B.Tech?

Why is an Online Marketing MBA the Right Choice for You After B.Tech?


Have you recently completed your B.Tech and want to study further but not with a Master's in Engineering?

If yes, you are at the right place because here is the solution- pursuing an online MBA degree in marketing degree. Not only will you be able to take advantage of online studies, but MBA itself will help you further in your career. Most learners with an undergraduate degree in engineering opt for it for many reasons. So, why pursue a business-related program after completing a technical degree?

The following article will help learners gain more clarity on the perks of pursuing the Best Online MBA Marketing after completing a B.Tech Degree in Engineering.

More career options

One of the prime reasons to opt for an online MBA in Marketing is that it offers excellent career options to learners compared to a single undergraduate engineering degree. For instance, when you complete B. Your knowledge will be restricted to technical fields, and you cannot opt for jobs in business, marketing, and other related fields. But once you get the online MBA degree in marketing, it will become easier for you to apply for both technical and marketing fields. Therefore, job opportunities will increase from 10 to 50 easily.

Global Recognition

Another incredible perk all learners can enjoy with an Online MBA is global recognition. Since it's an online program, you can easily enroll in the program with ease. If the chosen university is reputed with an A++ grade, like JAIN Online, you can quickly get global recognition because the certificate will be accredited internationally. On completing the program, you can easily apply for jobs in several companies overseas and even get remote work opportunities. With the best online MBA marketing degree programs, you won't have any problem cracking the interview, regardless of the questions being asked.

Better placement opportunities

Most Online MBA marketing learners get excellent job placement opportunities in top-rated companies worldwide. Unlike learners with only an engineering undergraduate degree, people pursuing online MBA marketing degrees can easily apply to top reputed companies worldwide. The best part is that they must expand beyond the IT companies. They can work in accounting, marketing, and business firms, which is one of the best advantages of online MBA marketing degree programs. The MBA degree allows them to apply for top roles or designations in the marketing and sales department. These job roles are highly recognized globally and give learners the exposure they need to build a strong career portfolio. Many learners opt for an Online MBA after completing their engineering program.

Paves ways for entrepreneurship

One of the best parts about pursuing the online MBA marketing degree is that learners can opt to be their boss. In other words, they can start their business as entrepreneurs. The program helps them understand the market and business aspects in-depth, making them successful entrepreneurs in the long run. On top of this, several online programs for MBA marketing learners also include entrepreneurship topics to help them gain more insights about starting a business and managing all the marketing and sales. Therefore, the opportunities for people with business-oriented psychology increase once they complete their program from one of the Best Online Marketing MBA platforms, just like JAIN Online.

Learning from industry experts

Learners worldwide opting for an online MBA marketing degree program can learn more about the real-time market and the industries from experts. These industry experts are invited as trainers for a certain period. Attending those sessions can help learners to understand the market and business aspects in depth. Whether it is the marketing models or management of funds and budget, people can quickly learn about some aspects of the online MBA marketing degree curriculum from industry experts.

Higher salary packages

One of the best advantages of choosing an online MBA after a B.Tech in engineering is that learners can easily opt for jobs with higher salary packages. As a result, they will only have to stick to nominal salaries offered to some freshers applying for jobs after completing their engineering. Usually, the salary packages are high enough compared to the stipulated value. Therefore, learners completing their MBA program will have excellent opportunities to get a job that can pay them way more than they expected. However, learners must opt for one of the best Online Marketing MBA to easily learn all the real-time aspects of business and marketing and crack their interviews in one go.

Flexible program curriculum

Lastly, the online MBA program allows learners to complete their studies and work. They can maintain their work life as the programs are conducted remotely, allowing learners to attend classes conveniently. In addition, they can also opt for remote classes if they somehow miss any. People who enroll in an MBA program with a time difference can select remote recorded sessions and easily participate in the classes.


Finally, an Online Marketing MBA is a good option for those who have completed their B.Tech and want to enhance their career in the corporate sector. With the increasing importance of digital marketing and the need for qualified workers, earning an Online Marketing MBA can provide a competitive advantage in the employment market. Furthermore, online programs offer learners flexibility while balancing work and studies.

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