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05 Feb 2023

Which University Is Best For Online Degrees In India?

Which University Is Best For Online Degrees In India?


One of the most contentious issues in the world of e-learning has recently gained attention in India due to a significant increase in online education. The disadvantages of classroom-based learning, including location, accessibility, transportation, and expense, are no longer an issue because of the several Indian universities that now offer online programs in India.

Thousands of Indian learners also relocate abroad to pursue higher education and better career opportunities. With online programs offered by Indian colleges, learners can receive an education of the highest caliber while relaxing in their own homes. Online learning has increasingly become a way to finish higher education.

UGC Approved Online Degree Courses in India are now an excellent option for employed people with other commitments because they don't interfere with their hectic schedules.

Why Pursue Online Degrees In India?

Student support for universities' online degree programs in India has been enormous. Universities that provide online degrees have overcome regional and financial barriers to a decent education. The increase in jobs is a crucial component of this revolution.

Through online education, knowledgeable trainers and teachers will expand their reach. Since Indian colleges now offer online programs, many more people may now access high-quality education, which benefits the learners. Additionally, they will receive the best instruction from qualified academics and teachers.

Indian top universities providing online courses allow working professionals to upgrade their abilities while working. This enables them to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and breakthroughs. At the same time, certificate programs offered by Indian online universities are time and money-saving solutions for any industry.

Continue reading to learn more about Indian universities that offer UGC-approved online degree courses in India:

Tips To Know The Best University For Online Degrees In India

Learners should also look into the specialties offered by the programs they choose to enroll in because some provide a variety of specializations. Learners will therefore enlist in the same program they wish to take.


To offer online programs, the online institution needs to have UGC and DEB certifications. Additionally, learners can look into the NAAC rating of the Indian online university. These approvals determine an online university's legitimacy. Further, ratings and recognition also reflect the caliber of any given college's online university programs.

Learning Management System (LMS)

To succeed in online classes, you need a learning management system. Additionally, via the learning management system, learners can view the resources that an online university offers to support their academic endeavors.

Learners can access various study materials from an online institution using a learning management system, including pre-recorded lecture videos, audiobooks, PDFs, eBooks, etc. A library, assessments, reporting and tracking, and several other features are also available to learners.


A genuine assessment of an online institution can only come from former or current learners who have completed their studies there. Consequently, before joining just about any online university program, learners must review the college's feedback.

Additionally, student reviews can provide information about an online university's learning management system, degree legitimacy, and other factors.

Program Cost

Different colleges may charge different amounts for similar online programs. Furthermore, just because a university provides a pricey course doesn't necessarily guarantee that the education it gives is of the highest caliber.

As a result, you should constantly consider the costs of the program you wish to take in addition to the other factors. That's because it would be a hassle to pay for training just to be disappointed with the outcomes.

JAIN Online: The Best Institution For Online Degrees In India

One of the best institutions in India and a well-known online learning institution in Bangalore is JAIN Online by JAIN (Deemed-to-be) University. In 2009, JAIN university was established, and the government later designated it as a Deemed-to-be university. This university's campus is located in Bangalore and provides nationwide UGC Approved Online Degree Courses in India

There are numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by this university. Learners can enroll in any of JAIN's online learning programs at their leisure because they are both offered separately and have different course curricula and delivery methods.

No Admission Exam:

JAIN Online does not hold an entrance exam for any management course, unlike any other distance university where you will be admitted based on results.

Learning Management System:

To administer the online education of thousands of learners, JAIN Online has a well-equipped infrastructure. Many learners can continue their education online without problems because of its Learning Management System (LMS).

After logging into the site, learners must submit their assignments using the LMS. The LMS was created to replace traditional classroom instruction and allows learners to access material on any of their subjects.

Placement Assistance:

Despite being formed in 2005 and hardly functioning, JAIN Online placement cell is indeed superior to any other distance online university. The official placement or training unit at JAIN Bangalore benefits both regular and distance learners.

Superset, the university's placement cell, is a sophisticated placement cell that links learners with qualified workers. The placement cell at JAIN Online works on enhancing learners' skills so companies can hire them.

The university helps learners develop technical skills and employability in order to progress in their professions.

Eligibility Criteria & Fee Structure of JAIN Online For Online Education

Online Program Eligibility Criteria Fee (Approx)
MBA INR 1.90 Lacs Graduation with 50%
Mcom INR 1.71 Lacs Graduation
MA INR 57,000 Graduation with 50%
MCA INR 1.90 Lacs Graduation with 50%
Bcom INR 2.28 Lacs Higher secondary class
BBA INR 2.28 Lacs Higher secondary class


We hope that this thorough blog on things to bear in mind when looking for an online or distance learning university has helped you make the right decisions and opened your thinking.

A student's future profession is significantly shaped by the university, college, or other institution they attend. When a university is suitable and ideal and has all the resources necessary, learners can grow their knowledge and learn new abilities.

And currently, JAIN Online is one of India's pioneering institutions for online degree programs. It has everything from a reasonable program fee structure to best-in-class teaching faculty and other features. So, get started today.

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