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08 May 2023

What Qualities Does Online Education Require From Learners?

What Qualities Does Online Education Require From Learners


Online education has been experiencing an upward trend in India following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global misfortune closed down schools, colleges, and universities worldwide, thereby encouraging online training programs.

Learners all over the country and from different parts of the world seek the best colleges for online degrees for different goals. For example, some of you may need an online degree to complete your formal education. On the other hand, some people can choose online degree programs as a tool for skill development.

However, it is also important to verify whether you are eligible for an online degree program. The following post helps you learn about some of the essential traits required for participating in online degree programs.

Existing State of Online Education in India

The existing state of online education in India can offer credible information about the appeal of online universities. The demand for online degree colleges in India has been increasing, especially after UGC announced approval for 38 universities to provide online training programs.

India is one of the biggest markets in terms of the number of internet users. India presents a suitable playground for online education with almost 624 million active internet users as of February 2021.

What are the important qualities of online degree learners?

The impressive state of the online education market showcases promising prospects for learners in an online degree university in India clearly. You must take note of the benefits guaranteed by online education for all learners. From flexible and personalized training to the benefits of technology-driven learning, online education has much to offer. On the other hand, it is important to ask what learners have to provide in the landscape of online education.

Could anyone join an online training program and trust it to work some magic on its own? No! Learners' success in online degree programs approved by UGC would depend on their specific traits. Universities and colleges can choose different methods and techniques for facilitating online education. However, learners must prepare the crucible in which they would receive the gift of knowledge. Let us look at some vital traits required in learners opting for online education.

Digital Reading and Writing

Any learner choosing a UGC-approved online degree must have digital reading and writing fluency. Better skills in reading and writing could help you cope with the pace of online training materials. In addition, digital literacy is crucial as it empowers an individual to find relevant information resources online. Learners must be able to read from the computer screen for extended periods.

At the same time, the online degree would require learners to type information with speed. For example, learners must appear for exams in online training or degree programs through digital channels. Therefore, every aspiring online learner must have the skills for typing on computers or mobile phones.

Communication Abilities

Communication is essential for learners interested in online programs. The online education environment can improve the accessibility of learning opportunities, albeit with profound limitations on anticipation of body language. For example, trainers could not notice the visual cues associated with learners' experience in a classroom.

Learners need to understand the necessity of written communication and awareness of when to “speak up”. If you want to take up an online program, you must develop the confidence to speak when needed. At the same time, learners must also work on their written communication skills to get their message across correctly.


The search for UGC-approved online degree programs must also encourage learners to develop persistence. You must create an optimistic attitude towards online learning to achieve the desired results. Successful online learners persistently access training materials despite trivial setbacks, such as technical issues. Another essential trait of a persistent online learner is their zeal for working consistently and regularly.

The persistence of online learners would also depends on certain social factors. For example, some learners in UGC online degree programs might feel isolated in online training sessions. A successful online learner would experience limited difficulties adapting to the new learning environment and related activities.


One of the significant highlights of a UGC-approved online degree would point to the extensiveness of the program. You cannot complete an online degree training program within a day or two. Similarly, learners must adapt to the absence of any direct authority for discipline in their learning schedule. No one would force online learners to open up their books and study.

On the contrary, learners enrolled in online degree colleges in India must have the mandatory trait of self-discipline. Self-discipline is all about fulfilling your duties as a learner on a regular basis. You can show self-discipline in online training programs by logging in to the program regularly and completing the assigned tasks. On top of it, learners must also monitor their learning progress through the Learning Management System offered by the training program.

Are You Ready for Online Education?

Online education has witnessed explosive growth recently, owing to different factors, such as the global pandemic. However, registering for an online degree university in India helps learners to achieve the utmost flexibility and accessibility. Without the right traits, learners are less likely to achieve favorable results from online learning.

Important traits such as self-discipline, digital literacy, and persistence are essential for success in online education. Check whether you are prepared for online degree training from reputed universities and institutions. Navigate the broad range of learning options available for you at the JAIN Online right now.

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