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18 Jan 2023

What Can I Do with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

What Can I Do with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a lucrative career option for many. By 2025, the rise of artificial intelligence will create 97 million new job opportunities. If you pursue an MCA Artificial Intelligence Online Degree from a reputable university, you can build a stable career with the following career opportunities.

1. AI Developer

AI developers offer solutions for issues with programming and artificial intelligence. They will need to design, develop, and deploy AI-based systems. Pursuing a master's in artificial intelligence online degree will help you stay updated about the new AI advancements to keep improving the current infrastructure.

The job requires in-depth knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and different AI concepts. A sense of familiarity with programming languages like Python is also necessary. Candidates should also have knowledge about various Python libraries like SciKit Learn, TensorFlow, and Keras.

They should also be able to develop an infrastructure for AI models like data transformation, creation of data lakes, and data ingestion. AI developers should also possess fundamental knowledge about machine learning. Besides, expertise in data pre-processing, text mining, and data cleaning through an AI master's degree online is also applicable for the job.

2. Robotics Engineer

The role of a robotics engineer has been in demand from as early as the 1950s when industrial robots became prominent. Robotics have evolved magnanimously from working on assembly lines to teaching. Nowadays, robots are also used for surgeries and to serve as personal assistants.

A robotics engineer is responsible for building and maintaining AI-powered robots to perform various manual tasks. An MCA Artificial Intelligence Online Degree will make you noticeable in organizations looking for a robotics engineer. You will be equipped with knowledge about machine learning, IoT, and more.

3.Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers devise AI solutions and apply them to the right problems. If you want to become a machine learning engineer, a masters in AI online is ideal for you. The program will offer a working knowledge of different AI fields and help you maintain a generalist approach.

The job requires knowledge about natural language processing, deep learning, visualization, computer vision, and more. Like any other AI role, familiarity with data wrangling software such as Spark and Hadoop is necessary. An AI master's online makes you suitable for this job because you also get to learn about statistical languages such as R.

The master's program will also equip you with several machine learning concepts. You will be able to efficiently work with different programming languages like C++ and Python. As per the specific responsibilities, you might also need to possess knowledge about different programming libraries.

4. Data Scientist

Data scientists have different tools in their extensive arsenal, including AI and machine learning. They have the primary goal of deriving valuable insights from raw data and offering it to the company. They also need to identify patterns in huge datasets.

An MCA Artificial Intelligence Online Degree will enable data scientists to obtain knowledge about the following:

  • Unstructured data and statistical analysis
  • Programming skills with Scala, SQL, Python, Perl, and more
  • Fundamentals of Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pig, MapReduce, and more
  • Cloud tools such as Amazon S3

Data scientists need to have expert communication skills so that they can convey findings and insights to stakeholders. They also need to be familiar with software tools like MatLab, Tableau, and R to satisfy data wrangling and visualization requirements. You must be able to use machine learning as a smart automation tool.

5. Research Scientist

If you are looking for an academically-driven career in AI, becoming a research scientist should be your top choice. They are responsible for making and answering creative questions to obtain answers from AI. They need to be experts in multiple fields, including deep learning and statistics.

An MCA Artificial Intelligence Online Degree will equip you with extensive knowledge about graphic models, computer perception, reinforcement learning, and more. You will also acquire knowledge about parallel computing and distributed computing. All these skills will help you excel in the demanding career of a research scientist.

6. Big Data Engineer

An online master's degree in artificial intelligence will help you develop various ecosystems as a big data engineer. They can plan, design, and develop big data environments on systems like Spark and Hadoop. You will also excel with programming skills like Java, C++, Python, and Scala.

Big data engineers with hands-on experience will be more impressive to employers than candidates with no experience. An online master's degree in artificial intelligence will help you develop experience in data visualization, data migration, and data mining to perform as a big data engineer. You will also be able to help different business verticals to communicate effectively.

7. Software Architect

A software architect designs and maintains tools, platforms, systems, and technical standards. With a master's degree in artificial intelligence online, you will be responsible for performing all these responsibilities exclusively for AI technologies. You will have to build and manage AI infrastructures.

You will also be responsible for planning and implementing solutions, selecting the relevant toolkit, and ensuring a smooth flow of data. Experience with different cloud platforms and data processes will be beneficial for the role. Your salary as a software architect will be significantly high, with a background in AI.

8. Business Intelligence Developer

As a business intelligence developer, you will have to process complex internal and external data to detect new trends. Unlike data analysts, business intelligence developers are not required to create reports. MCA Artificial Intelligence Online Degree will make you familiar with different BI technologies like Power BI, Tableau, and more. You will also be able to improve the technical and analytical skills required for the role.

Key Takeaway

An AI masters degree online will help you pursue multiple careers, and the ones mentioned in our blog are only the beginning. The promising job market shows that there's no better time to invest in an artificial intelligence master's program.

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