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13 Sep 2022

What are the best Online MBA Programs for finance professionals?

What are the best Online MBA Programs for finance professionals?


Online MBA Finance Degrees are the gateway to career advancement for finance graduates or professionals.
The best Online MBA Finance Programs in 2022 come with the same curriculum and benefits as on-campus, full-time MBA programs.

The Online MBA Programs in finance are unique in their structure, quality, and program curriculum. Thus, it becomes essential to research and compare prospective programs before enrolling yourself in anyone.

This comprehensive guide will teach you what an Online MBA in Finance is, why you should get it, and which programs are the best. So, let’s start.

Online MBA in Finance: What is it?

An MBA is a two-year program structured as a standard master’s program. MBA programs differ from each other considerably. However, an Online MBA in Finance focuses on more than one subdiscipline, international or corporate finance.

Moreover, some Online MBA Finance Programs offer flexible study options to ensure convenience for working professionals. You’ll have to meet a few requirements when choosing a B-school for an Online MBA.

Online MBA in Finance: Why should you get it?

The flexibility in schedule and location offered by distance learning MBA finance programs enables working professionals to utilize their remaining hours of the day (after work) to enhance their skills, acquire some new ones, build more robust networks, expand career opportunities, and boost their salary potential.

Unlike MS Degrees in Finance that focus only on finance-specific subjects and positions, MBA Finance teaches diverse skills to graduates, making them eligible for higher-paying jobs in finance sectors. For instance, a financial controller earns an annual salary of $85,380 on average, says PayScale.

On the other hand, finance positions like financial manager entitle you to an average annual salary of $130,000 or above. It is the correct decision to pursue an Online MBA in Finance from the best B-school in India in this era of rapid digitization.

Best Online MBA Programs For Finance Professionals

Here is a short yet comprehensive list of the best Online MBA Programs offered by top B-schools in India:

  1. Online MBA in Finance

    The Online MBA in Finance Program develops and enhances your business and financial skills to prepare you for the corporate world. As finance is considered the core of any business enterprise, the program encourages you to build the skills required by top SMEs and MNCs.

    These skills will help you to:

    • Accelerate economic activity within the enterprise
    • Effective asset and liability management of business
    • Track financial data and status to make business decisions easily
    • Analyze financial data to forecast economic trends, and so on.
  2. Online MBA in Marketing and Finance

    If you’re determined to amplify your knowledge and skills in Marketing and Finance, a dual-specialization of an Online MBA in Marketing and Finance would be the ideal solution. This program will help you acquire leadership and quantitative skills to perform hardcore data analysis and assist your company with sustainable business solutions. The program will help you produce new insights and strategies as well.

    Within a confined amount of time and lesser cost, you’ll be able to gain global multi-domain business expertise. Plus, you’ll get maximum exposure to multiple finance and marketing workshops, webinars, and conferences, with which you can expand your network, improve the marketability of career options, and shape a better future.

  3. Online MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management

    An Online MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management motivates learners to understand the different aspects of human resources and financial services.

    With the best-in-class faculty and explorative program curriculum, you’ll master financial and HRM skills to identify market challenges and develop critical analysis solutions. This program also helps you develop managerial and leadership strategies to make you an expert in the financial industry.

  4. Online MBA in Banking and Finance

    By integrating technology with banking services, the world has become more reliant on digital internet banking. The finance and banking sector is becoming India’s largest industry. So, the career opportunities are promising.

    By pursuing an Online MBA in Banking and Finance, you’ll be able to direct the needs of modernization, understand consumer behavior trends, safeguard profit during economic crises, create standardized apps, support banking operations, and more. In simple words, you’ll be able to work in the top-level management position of any multinational banking or finance company.

  5. Online MBA in International Finance and Accounting

    Pursuing an Online MBA in International Finance and Accounting is a gateway to high-paying job opportunities abroad. If you enroll in this Online MBA Program from a university certified by the ACCA, UK, you will get even more validation.

    This program teaches you how credit and money flow between international borders. The program matrix is designed in such a way that you get maximum exposure to investment portfolios of companies dealing with transactional business/trade.

    The program brings the opportunity to learn everything about the international banking system, the exchange and flow of foreign currency, and much more. Furthermore, with the international certification, your professional skills will improve, your value in the finance market will increase, and your employability scope abroad will also increase.

Final Words

An Online MBA Finance Program offers a better future for all hardworking finance professionals. If you can’t quit your job, need to support your family, and continue learning, then it’s time to opt for one of the best Online MBA Finance Programs.

Of course, you’ll need to consider pursuing it from a reputed university to get successful recognition in the industry. With one of these advanced degrees, you’ll complement your skills, leadership quality, experience, and professional drive. So, get started towards your bright future from today!

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