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27 Dec 2023
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Riding for a Cause: JAIN Online Collaborates with Royal Enfield for REJOICE '23

 JAIN Online Collaborates with Royal Enfield for REJOICE 2023


In a world packed with events, some stand out not just for the thrill they provide but for the impact they leave behind. REJOICE '23, organized by JAIN Online in collaboration with Royal Enfield, was an extraordinary event that unfolded on International Human Rights Day on 10th December at the historic Princep Ghat in Kolkata. The purpose of this event was to support students of Shri Shri Sharada Vikas Ashram O Seva Kendra in their higher education journey. It was more than just a bike rally; it was a movement that seamlessly blended the adrenaline rush of riding with a heartfelt commitment to a social cause.

This blog captures the essence of this day-long journey, where participants came together for a purpose beyond the roads they traveled.

REJOICE Royal Enfield Bike Ride at Kolkatta

The Mission Behind REJOICE '23

JAIN Online is on a mission to transform lives by supporting 30 children from Sarda Seva Ashram and Seva Kendra. Through sponsorship of their undergraduate education, these students gain free enrollment in JAIN Online programs upon completing Higher Secondary education, opening doors to a brighter future and numerous career opportunities.

Dr. Raj Singh, Vice-Chancellor of JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University), expresses the significance of teaming up with Royal Enfield for REJOICE '23. This collaborative effort represents a substantial stride in their commitment to providing resilient children with quality education and avenues for a prosperous future. The ride symbolizes a collective journey of support and solidarity for students aspiring for education.

REJOICE Promoting Human Rights

Event Highlights at Princep Ghat

The iconic Princep Ghat set the stage for a day that promised camaraderie, adventure, and compassion. Participants fueled with enthusiasm, gathered to kickstart an event that would soon become a beacon of positivity in the community.

#1. Capturing Moments

The day commenced with a vibrant photoshoot, immortalizing the spirit of the riders and their Royal Enfield bikes. The Royal Enfield team, standing as the epitome of biking passion, provided a detailed briefing, emphasizing not just the importance of safety but the profound significance of the rally's mission.

#2. A Heartfelt Introduction by Seema Vikas Gadiya - JAIN Online

Seema Vikas Gadiya, a representative of JAIN Online, took the stage to shed light on the institution's unwavering commitment to education and the event's mission to support the children of Shri Shri Sharada Vikas Ashram O Seva Kendra.

#3. The Rally's Kick-Off

Riding guidelines were reinforced, and the rally received its official send-off from Mr. Subhashish Goswami, Inspector of Police, Rapid Action Force, Kolkata Police. This symbolic flag-off marked the beginning of a journey that aimed to make a difference.

Enjoing the ride

Journey Highlights

1. Azad Hind Dhaba and Prantik Resort

Led by Romit and Saurav from the Royal Enfield team, the rally made its first pitstop at Azad Hind Dhaba for a refreshing break. The journey continued to Prantik Resort, where participants indulged in a hearty breakfast and engaging activities conducted by Seema.

2. Lunch, Rally Resumption, and Arrival at Shri Shri Sharada Ashram O Sevakendra

Post-lunch, with spirits high, the rally resumed under Seema's flag. The day's journey concluded at Shri Shri Sharada Ashram O Sevakendra, where participants were treated to remarkable performances by the talented students, showcasing their singing, music, speech, and karate skills.

Fun and Games at REJOICE

3. JAIN Online's Impactful Contribution - Certificate Distribution

The event took an emotional turn as JAIN Online distributed certificates of sponsorship to the children. This gesture ensured them free education (UG & PG) once they completed their higher education, illuminating their path to a brighter future.

4. Rally's Final Leg and Visit to Throttle Shrottle

The rally's final leg saw participants converging at Throttle Shrottle, a bike-themed cafe, marking the end of an eventful and impactful day. It was a conclusion to a journey that went beyond the roads and throttles—a day etched in the memories of all who participated.

The Participants


REJOICE '23 exceeded the typical definition of a bike rally. It became a celebration of compassion, unity, and the transformative power of education. The roaring engines echoed a commitment to a future where every child can access quality education. The collaboration between Royal Enfield, JAIN Online, and the spirited participants turned this event into a remarkable success, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of the children supported by the initiative.

This event showcased the thrill of riding, and a compassionate cause can create lasting memories and meaningful change. As the bikes roared through the streets of Kolkata, they carried with them a promise of a brighter and more inclusive future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and collaborators who made REJOICE '23 a ride to remember. Your enthusiasm and support have proven that the impact can be profound and everlasting when hearts unite for a noble cause.

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