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25 Jan 2023

Online MCA in Cloud Computing: Eligibility, Admission, Top Colleges and Scope

Online MCA in Cloud Computing: Eligibility, Admission, Top Colleges and Scope


Cloud computing allows users to access digital information stored on cloud platforms from anywhere. It has offered various benefits to businesses, including reduced IT overhead costs. Pursuing an Online MCA in Cloud Computing will help you explore multiple career opportunities.

The average annual salary of cloud computing professionals in India is Rs 5,71,131. Before you become prepared to face the professional world as a cloud computing expert, you will need to know about the eligibility criteria, the admission process, and more about the program.

Eligibility Criteria

You must have completed your undergraduate degree to pursue a master's in cloud computing online. The degrees that make you eligible for a master's in cloud computing are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) / Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / Engineering / Bachelor's Degree in Science / Commerce / Arts with Mathematics at 10+2 level

Admission Process

If you want to pursue an Online MCA in Cloud Computing, you must complete the application form. An online university will allow you to submit the application through its website. You must have a decent grade in your undergraduate degree to become eligible.

The tuition fee and other associated costs are on the university website. Remember to check the cost that you need to bear for study resources. The university will perform a merit screening process to choose eligible candidates for the program.


A master's in cloud computing online is usually a two-year program. Your program will be divided into four semesters of six months each. Some common topics that will be covered throughout the duration of the program are as follows:

  • Cloud architectures
  • Cloud Security
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Mobile cloud
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Enterprise storage systems
  • Enterprise devices and network
  • Web application development

You will also get to work on dissertations and projects throughout the program. You might also have an internship opportunity near the end of your program. The projects and internships associated with an Online MCA in Cloud Computing will equip you with hands-on experience and an edge over other candidates.

Top College for Cloud Computing

You can complete your online master's degree in cloud computing from JAIN Online. The institution lets you attend live online classes. But if you miss the live classes, you can see the recordings to continue your learning at your convenience.

You will be learning under the guidance of expert faculty members at the online university. They will clarify your doubts and help you gather expert knowledge about different domains. You will receive individualized attention even in classes, and the instructors will try to improve your weak areas.

Career Prospects

An online master's program in cloud computing will help you explore the following opportunities:

1. Cloud Administrator

They are responsible for managing a business's cloud infrastructure and presence. They need to build, implement, and update policies for how cloud services should be used. They also set up various security policies and protocols for protecting the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud administrators are also required to look after uptime. They should also be able to identify the need for technological updates. Experience with IT systems is mandatory to succeed in the role.

2. Cloud Automation Engineer

The world is becoming more reliant on automation with each passing data. In this situation, the need for cloud automation engineers is exceptionally high. They are responsible for building, executing, and maintaining automation technology.

Automation will remove the need for employees to perform repetitive tasks. They can focus on other essential aspects to aid business development. A specialization in AI or machine learning is highly beneficial for cloud automation engineers.

3. Cloud Network Engineer

A cloud network engineer is responsible for maintaining an organization's cloud network. They might need to manage the cloud network within a certain department or the entire organization. The duties of a cloud network engineer often overlap with that of a cloud architect and engineer.

A cloud computing master's degree online will enable learners to acquire extensive knowledge about network management, security, infrastructure, and more. They often have to look for new cloud providers according to business needs. Some professionals in the field also need to offer recommendations for different cloud-based platforms.

4. Cloud Security Analyst

The responsibility of a cloud security analyst is to manage the security and integrity of an organization's cloud presence. They need to assess trends and find relevant defense strategies against them. Preventing data breaches is a core responsibility of a cloud security analyst

The professionals also need to get rid of security gaps in case a security breach occurs. Cybersecurity knowledge is extremely crucial for this role.

5. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect builds the entire framework for different cloud technologies. They will also develop and implement different strategies for a company's cloud infrastructure. They ensure the smooth flow of cloud operations within the allotted company budget.

6. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers look after the managerial aspects of an organization's cloud strategies. Cloud engineers often need to collaborate with cloud architects to execute different strategies smoothly. They also focus on negotiating with vendors and clients to work within the budget.

7. Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud software engineers develop cloud-based applications with programmers and other computer professionals. An Online MCA in Cloud Computing allows them to upgrade, maintain, and repair software and databases. They usually need knowledge of programming languages like Python and Java.

8. Cloud Consultant

A cloud consultant offers guidance to companies searching for cloud-based tools. They understand a company's needs to recommend valuable tools and devices. A cloud consultant also aids an organization during cloud migrations.

They design cloud migration policies and help choose the right platforms. Companies also hire consultants to customize their cloud presence. Therefore, cloud consultants need in-depth knowledge of different cloud platforms.

Wrapping up

Enroll at JAIN Online to get your Online MCA in Cloud Computing. The program will prepare you for the professional world and help you pursue different career options.

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