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26 Jul 2023

Online MBA Programs: Top 10 Electives To Consider in 2023

Online MBA Programs: Top 10 Electives To Consider in 2023


A Master in Business Administration is one of the most prestigious, well-recognized, and sought-after programs for all of you looking for career progress. With a multitude of electives to choose from, it offers a broad spectrum for you to foray into the world of management.

Moreover, an organization has multiple areas of specialization wherein managing these areas effectively and efficiently requires resources right from the bottom to the top. Therefore, doing an Online MBA is probably one of the best decisions you can take to move up the corporate ladder in the dense competitive sphere. Today, an online MBA is in every way equal to a regular MBA program as both hold a similar amount of value in the market.

Here are some of the top online MBA programs you can choose from in the year 2023.

#1. General Management - An Online MBA in General Management will cover all the functional areas related to the smooth functioning of the business. The fundamental goal of this elective is to train the individual with a diverse set of skills and expose the individual to varied organizational tasks which cover the likes of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, IT, etc.

#2. Finance- Enrolling in a Finance program is undoubtedly the most popular choice in the field of business administration. This elective is for you to have an analytical mind with a flair for mathematical and supervisory skills. By studying this, you'll learn how to strategically plan and control the finances from costing and budgeting to International Finance and Capital Management of an organization or industry. The vast spectrum of career options with a degree like an online MBA in Finance is an eye-opener. One can choose to have a career in Asset Management, Credit Risk Management, Hedge Fund Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, etc.

#3. Human Resource Management- An organization's success depends on its employees' skills and talents that they bring to the table. However, managing a workforce of such stature is an even herculean task. An Online MBA in Human Resource Management will enable you to recruit, manage and train employees. It also equips you with interpersonal skills and an understanding of an employee's potential. If you have excellent communication skills and are resilient when dealing with the pressure of handling a large workforce, then this elective is for you. Among the various career options, you can be an HR Assistant, Technical Recruiter, Payroll Specialist, Human Resource Manager, etc.

#4. Information and Technology - If you're a problem solver and are interested in managing an organization's technical resources, then this elective will be your best bet. The resources can be computer hardware and software and anything related to planning, execution, and use of such systems. The career options for potential candidates vary from product manager, project manager, Information Systems Manager, Business Development Manager, etc.

#5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Timely shipment of both the raw materials and the finished goods to their destinations is the key to the survival and growth of any business. Planning and executing a perfect logistics and supply chain management strategy requires learning new skill sets. The elective will incorporate substances such as planning, executing, and controlling the movement and storage of goods and services to understand better working under this domain. If you can remain calm under pressure while managing large amounts of stocks and have problem-solving skills, then this elective is the right choice for you. Your career prospects under this elective will cover sectors like Healthcare, Automotive, Apparel and lifestyle, Engineering and Electrical Hardware, etc. Also, you can be selected for positions such as Logistics and Distribution Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Production Planner, etc.

#6. Healthcare Management - With the healthcare industry growing at an alarming rate, this program has given rise to the need to manage it at an administrative level. Those interested in the pharmaceutical, hospital, or consulting clinics in the health sector may apply for this role. As a specialist in this managerial position, you may be asked to solve various critical management issues that crop up daily. If you are a quick learner and can adapt to situations that demand problem-solving skills, then this elective is for you. The job post you will hold is in Healthcare Finance Manager, pharmaceutical Project Manager, Healthcare Information Manager, etc.

#7. Marketing - If you want to have expertise in consumer behavior, have widespread knowledge of market behavior, or be creatively equipped to handle various aspects of advertising, then doing an online MBA is the right choice for you. Specializing in the marketing domain would require excellent communication and leadership skills as you'll be the face of the organization representing all its business endeavors.

#8. Project Management: Obtaining a degree in project management equips you with versatile skills applicable to a wide range of job opportunities and career paths. Skills such as system analysis, cost-benefit assessment, and effective problem-solving are just a few examples of how you can leverage your project management degree.

#9. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce - The world has become digital, and so have marketing tactics. In 2023, it's crucial that you know the intricacies of digital media and how to promote your goods and services on a digital platform. An Online MBA program in Digital Marketing will serve you with the necessary skills and knowledge to delve into the digital space and make your presence felt in any industry.

#10. Data Science and Analytics - Whether you are a data-driven or have an analytical approach to solving problems, this elective is definitely for you. This program is necessary for an overall understanding of data creation and management to achieve your business objectives consistently. Data analysts are crucial for the longevity of any business as they can extract trends from given data and put them to good use for future business endeavors.

MBA remains one of the top choices among learners to climb up the corporate ladder. Depending on your career objective you can choose either one of the MBA electives mentioned here to improve your skill set and increase the chance of job prospects. It's better to make an informed decision when choosing the elective, and keeping the following two things in mind will multiply your chances of success.

a.) First is your interest in the chosen elective, as there is no point in making a choice that burdens you and hinders your goals. It is advised that you introspect and make a sound decision as to which elective you want to pursue.

b.) The second point is thinking from a career perspective since you are gonna be steering your future in the chosen elective, you will need to be sure about it from a job-seeking and growth perspective.

Once the decision is made, you will have ample opportunities to select the elective of your choice, and within no time, you'll see yourself mark your territory in the corporate world.

Having read through the value of enrolling for any of the different MBA electives that are mentioned in this blog, you must have come to a decision to proceed in choosing either one of them.

So, JAIN Online is inducting new learners for the upcoming batch of all the MBA electives that we are offering, including those mentioned above.

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