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08 Jun 2023

JAIN Online Sports Day 2023 - A Day of Fun and Socializing For Online Learners

JAIN Online Sports Day 2023 - A Day of Fun and Socializing For Online Learners


Have you ever wondered if online education offers the same vibrant events as traditional on-campus learning?

Are Sports and Arts Day events exclusive to learners who attend only the on-campus mode of learning?

No! That is not true. Anyone enrolled in Online degree programs can also socialize, have fun, and participate in all the sports and other co-curricular activities.

That is why the engagement team at JAIN Online recently organized an exhilarating Sports Day 2023 event that brought together learners, and faculties, igniting their passions and unleashed competitive spirit. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation and served as a platform for learners to interact with faculties in a dynamic and engaging environment. The sports event's successful completion left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Learners of JAIN Online Have Fun

This event brought together learners and sports enthusiasts for two days of exhilarating competition, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating unforgettable moments. The participants gathered at JAIN Jayanagar before attending the prestigious sports venue at JIRS(Jain International Residential School). In the following section, we will delve into the top highlights of the event, reflecting on the joyous moments, notable accomplishments, and overall success.

Sports Day 1

Upon arrival, the participants received a warm welcome and had the opportunity to capture the event's spirit through photography. Each individual was presented with specially curated bags, water bottles, and sports jerseys, enhancing their overall event experience. The day commenced with a delightful Hi-Tea, allowing everyone to socialize and forge connections before settling into their assigned rooms for a comfortable stay.

The event commenced with an electrifying game of football, where participants showcased their skills and demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship. The cheers and support from the enthusiastic crowd added to the vibrant atmosphere, creating an environment of excitement and encouragement.

Following the exhilarating football game, participants had the opportunity to rejuvenate and enjoy a delectable dinner. Engaging in team-building activities further solidified the connections and camaraderie among the participants.

The Trophies for our Online Learners

Sports Day 2

Day 2 started with a cricket match, showcasing the participants' unwavering passion and remarkable talent. During this time, valuable feedback and testimonials were exchanged, reflecting the overall satisfaction with the exceptional organization skills of JAIN Online.

In addition to the cricket match, indoor games such as basketball and badminton provided participants with additional opportunities to display their skills and competitive spirit. A sumptuous lunch was served, offering nourishing options to recharge and prepare learners for engaging activities, including table tennis, horse riding, and water polo, that caters to their diverse interests and preferences.

The event led to a prestigious award ceremony, where outstanding performances were acknowledged, and sportsmanship was celebrated. Participants were recognized for their tremendous efforts and noteworthy achievements, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

As the event neared its conclusion, a final Hi-tea session allowed participants to unwind, connect, and reminisce about the unforgettable experiences they had shared throughout the event. With fond memories and a sense of accomplishment, participants bid farewell to Sports Day 2023, departing from JIRS with a deep appreciation for the event and its lasting memories.

Learners' Bundle of Joy on Sports Day

The sports event proved to be a remarkable occasion for learners as they joined with their faculties outside the virtual classroom. The event created a unique opportunity for learners to engage with their mentors in a different setting, fostering a deeper connection and mutual understanding. Learners exhibited their talents, displayed their sportsmanship, and showcased their teamwork throughout the event, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition and mutual respect.

The Proud Online Learners

As learners from different programs and backgrounds joined to participate in friendly matches and team activities, they forged new friendships, exchanged ideas, and expanded their networks. The event promoted a sense of unity, reinforcing the belief that learning extends beyond academic boundaries.

Achievements of Our Learners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Sports Day event in various sports disciplines. Let us take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding performances of a few of our learners who emerged victorious in Badminton, Cricket, and Football.


Our Football winners are,

Football Team

Anirudh, Sohan, Syed Kamraan, Shadil, Chetana, Vasantha sheelan, Goutam, Gaurav, Nitesh Tamang, Monish S, Rahul ram, Santhosh, Preetham kumar, Minhaj, Nidhi, and Darshan naidu


Here are our Cricket winners

Cricket Team

Minhaz (CAPTAIN) [BAT/PACE], Gopinath [PACE], Mahaveer [BAT'S MAN], Yashwanth [PACE], Monish [BAT'S MAN], Vasanth [PACE], Kishore [BAT'S MAN], Sohan [FIELD], Fathima [BAT'S MAN], Anirudh (wk), Sujay [PACE], Gowtham [PACE], Rahil [SPIN] and Preetham [BAT'S MAN]


Our Badminton winners are:

Badminton Winners

Akash and Sohan


Online education extends beyond textbooks and lectures, encompassing a holistic approach that nurtures the mind and body. In line with this belief, JAIN Online proudly organized a spectacular Sports Day event, defying the notion that such events are only meant for on-campus learners. This event brought together our online learners, providing them with an exciting opportunity to showcase their athletic skills, build camaraderie, and celebrate their achievements.

Come and join us as we emphasize that online education can embrace the delight, enthusiasm, and sense of community typically associated with traditional campus events.

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