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17 Jul 2023

JAIN Online Learner Gets India Book of Records Recognition While Pursuing an Online MBA

JAIN Online Learner Gets India Book of Records Recognition While Pursuing an Online MBA


In a remarkable feat that showcases dedication, commitment, and a thirst for knowledge, a learner from JAIN Online, Sona Belson has achieved an extraordinary milestone by completing over 2000+ LinkedIn Learning courses in a span of just 100 days. This remarkable accomplishment has gained recognition from the prestigious India Book of Records, further exemplifying the learner's exceptional drive and passion for continuous learning.

Online education has emerged as a transformative platform, opening up boundless opportunities for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Our specially tailored Online Degree Programs cater to the needs of working professionals, providing them with the opportunity to enhance their skills and achieve extraordinary success.

In this blog, we will delve into the story behind this impressive achievement, highlighting the learner's journey, the significance of LinkedIn courses, and the impact of lifelong learning on personal and professional growth.

The Journey of Dedication

Sona Belson, a 22-year-old working professional from Alappuzha, Kerala, is currently enrolled as a learner at JAIN Online. In July 2022, she embarked on her journey to pursue an Online MBA in International Finance, accredited by ACCA, UK. In addition to her regular coursework, Sona sought to expand her knowledge and explore various disciplines through LinkedIn Learning courses. Her relentless commitment to learning enabled her to achieve an extraordinary feat that remains unmatched. Astoundingly, she completed all 2005 LinkedIn Learning courses in a mere 100 days.

These comprehensive courses encompass a wide array of subjects, ranging from leadership, financial expertise, and team management to workplace efficiency, employee retention, and strategy development. Additionally, the courses focus on the enhancement of technical, managerial, and marketing skills. Furthermore, Sona delved into topics such as web development, digital art, performance improvisation, and tools for AI and machine learning, exhibiting her passion for multidisciplinary knowledge acquisition.

This journey toward completing 2005 LinkedIn courses is a testament to her unwavering dedication to knowledge. Starting her educational journey with JAIN Online, she recognized LinkedIn's immense value as a professional development platform. With access to a vast array of courses covering diverse topics, she embarked on a quest to expand her horizons, enhance her skill set, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of work.

Contribution of JAIN Online to the Achievement

JAIN Online played a crucial role in Sona's remarkable accomplishment of completing 2005 LinkedIn Learning courses within a span of 100 days. JAIN Online provides free access to over 20,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses as part of the educational offerings to expand their knowledge, develop professionally, and stay competitive in their chosen fields. The platform provided Sona with the necessary infrastructure and resources to effectively manage her time and learning process.

First and foremost, JAIN Online's flexible and accessible nature allowed Sona to balance her studies with her professional commitments. The convenience of online learning eliminated the need for physical attendance, giving her the freedom to learn at her own pace and convenience.

Additionally, JAIN Online provided a structured curriculum that complemented her pursuit of an Online MBA in International Finance. The program's focus on practical knowledge and real-world applications equipped her with the skills necessary to efficiently navigate through the LinkedIn Learning courses.

Moreover, our supportive learning community and faculty played a vital role in Sona's success. The platform fostered a collaborative environment where learners could engage in discussions, seek guidance, and share their experiences. This support system motivated her to stay focused and committed to her learning journey, enabling her to overcome challenges and accomplish her ambitious goal.

Furthermore, JAIN Online's collaboration with LinkedIn Learning facilitated seamless access to the extensive library of courses. The platform's user-friendly interface and streamlined navigation empowered Sona to efficiently browse, select, and complete courses in a time-efficient manner.

Sona Belson's Response to How She Achieved This Feat

Sona Belson with her award and recognition from India Book of Records

Presenting Sona Belson, sharing her remarkable achievement in her own words.

a) How did you manage to complete these many LinkedIn Learning Courses along with your professional work and also pursue a degree program from JAIN Online at the same time?

Well, while I’m at work, I do it when I’m free. I did these courses without sleeping till 3 or 4 AM. Since the MBA program is only on Saturdays and Sundays, I have plenty of time to do these courses from Monday to Friday.

b) What would be your advice to your fellow learners and to future learners that are interested in doing online education and at the same time upskilling?

Online education is better because we can work professionally, study, and do other activities at the same time. So, I prefer online education as it would help me save time as I don’t have to travel to a campus. The other advantage of the 2 years online MBA program is that I can gain new skills and apply them in my job as well in real-time.

c.) How has JAIN Online helped you realize this remarkable achievement?

I completed these courses through LinkedIn Learning offered by JAIN Online. This opportunity was given by JAIN Online. So I am extremely proud to say JAIN Online helped me to achieve this feat. I’d like to thank them for this wonderful opportunity.

Inspiration for Other Learners

Sona Belson's remarkable achievement serves as a tremendous inspiration for other learners. It reminds us that, age, time constraints, or geographical barriers need not be limitations to acquiring knowledge and achieving personal growth. With the availability of online learning platforms, individuals can embark on their own journeys of discovery, acquire new skills, and contribute to their personal and professional development. Her dedication, commitment, and exceptional time management skills showcase what can be achieved through perseverance and the intention of enhancing knowledge.

Sona's accomplishment demonstrates that with the right mindset and effective utilization of resources, even ambitious goals can be attained. Her story inspires other learners to push their boundaries, think beyond limitations, and set targets for themselves.

By sharing her journey and highlighting the benefits of online learning platforms like JAIN Online, Sona inspires fellow learners to explore new avenues of knowledge. Her success serves as a testament to the power of online education and its ability to provide access to a diverse range of courses and disciplines.

This also shows learners to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to education. Her pursuit of various topics through LinkedIn Learning courses showcases the value of gaining knowledge across different domains and the potential for personal and professional growth it offers.

Turning the Impossible into Possible

Sona Belson's incredible accomplishment of completing 2005 LinkedIn Learning courses in just 100 days is a testament to turning the impossible into possible. The power of determination and the invaluable contribution of JAIN Online paved the way for her success. JAIN Online's seamless integration with LinkedIn Learning also played a crucial role in Sona's accomplishment. The platform provided her with easy access to an extensive library of courses across various disciplines, enabling her to explore her diverse interests and delve into multidisciplinary knowledge acquisition.

Join us as we celebrate this extraordinary milestone and explore the transformative power of online education.

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