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04 Feb 2022

Is Online Education Going To Be The New Norm Across The Globe?

Is Online Education Going To Be The New Norm Across The Globe?


There are approximately 5.4 million students worldwide engaged in online learning, in one or the other form. Online Education is currently valued at $ 101 billion. We cannot deny the fact that the COVID -19 pandemic has given an impetus to online learning. But one must not forget that online learning was a successful learning model accepted in many parts of the world, led by the US, followed by India, China, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Online education picked up pace in 2020 after the Coronavirus hit the world. The sudden change pushed most educational institutions to invent and adopt new ways to connect with their learners in the online mode. Technology helped people not to defer from their learning goals and kept the interaction between the Students and the Faculties engaging and effective.

A survey conducted by Duffin in 2019 found that "around 52% of the US graduates found their online college learning, a better learning experience than their classroom level college education." We have heard similar stories from the rest of the world, too, including India.

What does online learning offer learners that classroom Education doesn’t?

Is online learning better than classroom learning, and if yes, in what ways? Online learning offers convenient time and space for learners to upgrade their skills from anywhere in the world. Top Universities in India and around the globe are offering Academic Degrees that are highly valued by employers. This is a boon for working professionals who can now get an Academic Degree of their dreams and skyrocket their careers.

Apart from the above, Online Degrees offer other advantages. To read more about this, visit our blog.

Digitalization is a key factor that has lifted the scope of Online Education in leaps and bounds. According to a Dentsu Aegis Network report, numerous new careers found their way into the job market and a few others like Digital Marketing, for example, witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years; a 26% from 2018 to 2019.


An International Degree is every graduate's dream and I'm sure it is one of yours too. The reality is that millions of students abandon their plans due to the practical challenges they cannot overcome. The cost of studying in an International University, the cost of traveling and accommodation, and cultural differences make international students' lives very challenging. With Online Degrees, you can study from the comfort of your home, get a Degree Certificate from your dream University and reduce expenses too.

Online learning is the most feasible study option for working professionals who otherwise cannot continue their higher education without letting go of their Jobs. Technology is a crucial enabler to online learning, by allowing learners to study even while traveling. Online learning platforms are unbelievably sophisticated these days. The entire study content may be carried by the learner in his pocket, which he can consume anywhere and anytime.


This is again another feature of online learning that has been made possible by technology. Online Learning emphasizes more on imparting practical knowledge to students, thus preparing them for real-time challenges in their careers. By leveraging on different aspects of technology, the entire learning cycle has become more transparent and real-time. Through live interactions with the faculties and peers and opportunities to take part in webinars from industry experts and other features, an immersive learning experience makes online learning the most preferred choice of learning, especially for working professionals.

Low cost and nature friendly

It won't be wrong to say online education is comparatively low-priced with respect to its regular counterpart. There might be rare cases of exceptions. Most Education providers of online education offer flexible payment options, scholarships, and discounts to learners, which is an additional benefit for those undergoing financial hardships.

By choosing to learn online, you are can boast about yourself as a Green Warrior. Ask me how? Research shows that online learning methods help minimize the use of fuel, construction material, paper, thereby reducing pollution and deforestation. If you never thought of these lines, well, it is time.

Easily accessible

According to the Global digital population as of January 2021 report by Statista, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, out of which 4.32 billion access it through their mobile phones. The figures convey the potential for online learning if the interest of the people and the power of the internet may be channelized towards the path of learning.

Myriad career opportunities

The job market is changing quickly and the reasons behind this are more than one. In 2018, the Institute for the future and a panel of 20 independent experts from Tech, Academic, and Industry authored a report which Dell Technologies published. In this, they wrote and I quote, "85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet".

The report mentions how innovative learning Programs are creating exciting job profiles to cater to the dynamic requirements of businesses.

Improved focus

Online learning gives students options to learn through videos, audios, gifs, pdfs, animations, quizzes, online assignments, workshops, etc. This way it makes it more fun and interactive and results in improved focus of the students. Educators also find it interesting to teach and deliver their lessons in this format.


While traditional classroom learning expects students to adapt the Instructor's methods, online learning is all about discovering one's own rules to study. It offers huge scope for creative thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills, thus strengthening the learner's persona. Online learning also allows some extent of customization, especially the Learning and Development needs of corporate employees.

Online learning provides an immersive learning experience through self-study activities and discussion forums, Projects, case studies, etc.


Online learning is already a norm in a large number of countries around the globe. It is quickly emerging as a preferred choice among learners in India as well. With the UGC's announcement of its acceptance of Online Degree Programs, several Top players in the Higher Education Sector are offering Online Degree Programs in niche specializations, which are a hit among students and working professionals.

The future is looking bright for those willing to adapt to the changes brought about in the Education industry. Professionals need to stay relevant in their fields by upskilling themselves to maximize their capabilities for their professional and personal achievements.

With the true power of online learning unfolding in front of our eyes as days goes by, one cannot help but wonder when the day will arrive when all the physical campuses will become ghost campuses? But the show must go on, and learning doesn't stop. The verdict favors online learning, and only time will tell what the new adventure we will all get to experience in the future years?

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