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28 Mar 2023

Does UGC Approve An Online Degree?

Does UGC Approve An Online Degree?


The University Grants Commission usually gives accreditation to relevant programs with degree certificates. Besides regular degree programs, UGC also recognizes relevant online degree courses in India. Online degree programs hold a lot of importance in today's digital era.

It is high time that online degree programs in India gain recognition at par with regular degree programs. Online degrees approved by UGC are the first step toward recognizing such programs on online platforms.

The Move Towards Online Degree Programs For UGC

The last few years witnessed the advent of platforms such as JAIN online that offer learners a wide range of degree programs. Apart from JAIN Online, there are other online colleges in India where you can sign up for certificate programs. According to studies, the CAGR for the online learning industry in India will reach 14.5 percent by the end of 2022.

Are you waiting to join the online learning bandwagon? Online learning programs from reliable universities are open to you and other learners like you. Suppose there is still remaining doubt about the credibility of an online degree in India. In that case, you can go for a UGC online degree in India at an online university recognized by it.

UGC approves more than 50 colleges and universities in India to run online degree courses in India. The UGC chooses universities and colleges from different backgrounds. The list includes private colleges and universities, deemed to be universities, state universities, and other institutions.

The extension of UGC-approved online programs helps broaden the education spectrum in India. By 2026, the online education market will reach a valuation of 325.48 Billion. Online degree programs play a huge role in inducing the tremendous growth rate of the education industry.

Types Of Programs As UGC-Approved Online Programs

The top online universities of India offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs to learners. The best online degree programs help learners learn anywhere at any time. In a way, online degree programs secure the right to education for every citizen of India. Here are the types of online degree programs that the best online colleges offer.

1.Bachelors Program

Besides certificate programs, reliable online learning platforms also host degree programs for bachelors. Undergraduate programs such as BBA and B.Com are very popular among learners and new-age professionals. A BBA or a B.Com helps gain entry into the business environment.

In such streams, there are new program choices that learners can make. For example, a learner can pursue a BBA in advertising and branding. Another option is business intelligence and analytics. These areas are emerging and relevant to new-age professionals.

Moreover, industries and companies are focusing on these areas more and more. Digital marketing and human resource management, as BBA specializations, also hold a lot of importance in current workspaces. When these programs come as UGC-approved, their relevance doubles up.

On the other hand, a core program such as B.Com, a traditional choice of Accounting and Finance, is excellent. However, you can also do a B.Com in International finance and accounting. The new age programs approved by UGC ready the learner to conquer a global work environment. These programs will help you aim high in your career.


Certification programs are not as extensive as multi-year-long online degree courses. However, a certification program from the best online university in India helps you be a step ahead in your career. Certification in accounting and finance opens up possibilities in the basic skills of the finance sector.

You can either stick with the basic skills or go for further studies in your areas of interest. Certification in digital marketing and e-commerce fundamentals offers the perfect abilities to launch as an e-commerce entrepreneur or executive.

Since every company is trying to enter the e-commerce scenario, you unlock endless opportunities for yourself. A certification program in entrepreneurship development will help you establish yourself as an e-commerce store owner.


Apart from bachelor's programs, certifications, and post-graduate certifications, you can also go for extensive master's programs. Master programs approved by UGC give you credibility and experience. If you enter a profession after graduation, top online colleges offer the opportunity to secure a master's degree. New online degree programs in MBA, M.Com, or MA streams help you go one step further in your career.

With an online MBA, a job with a handsome salary is not far away. Moreover, MBA has new specializations like Data science and analytics, finance and leadership, etc. You can even gun for global job roles with an MBA in International marketing.

UGC-accredited programs from top universities include streams such as MA in mass communication and journalism. The best online degrees help you unlock opportunities beyond traditional education. When considering the decision to study online, always choose trustworthy platforms.

The degree program you choose will make all the difference to your career. Always look for UGC approval on programs and thoroughly research the specialization areas. Choose your programs according to trends in online education. On the other hand, you may choose core subjects and perennial sources of employment.

UGC-accredited online degree programs come at a lower price than regular degrees. These degrees are open to all with eligibility, making the education scenario flexible.

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