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08 Mar 2023

3 Myths about Online MBA Programs Debunked

3 Myths about Online MBA Programs Debunked


MBA graduates have been the fundamental source for a long time. This regards filling leadership and management roles in multiple market sectors. In almost every field, be it marketing, finance, business administration, or health care, MBA graduates are as important as they have been for the past few decades. This is an unchanged fact.

However, one fact that has changed through the years is the programs through which learners pursue their MBA program. From the year 2013, the trend of online MBA for working professionals has gained a lot of traction.

According to Google search trends, the interest in online MBA degrees was at an all-time high in 2020. Distance learning and online learning are one of the most trending study modes. As the world is progressing towards globalization and digitalization, the education sector is also evolving.

In some countries like the U.S., the number of learners opting for an online program is more than the ones opting for the traditional full-time program in some streams. Several learners wish to pursue an online MBA while working full-time.

With the advancement in technology, learners are demanding programs that allow them to study remotely. The flexibility that top-rated online MBA programs offer is the biggest selling point for these programs. According to a study, there is no significant difference between face-to-face and online learners regarding learner performance.

Even though it is proven that an online MBA while working full-time is an option as great as the traditional full-time MBA programs, there are still a lot of myths surrounding online MBA programs. Here are a few of them debunked!

Myth 1: Traditional MBA Programs Have More Credibility Than Online MBA Programs

The most common myth people seem to have about universities with online MBA programs is that the degree you obtain from these programs isn’t as credible as the one from traditional MBA programs.

People seem to perceive that the education standards aren’t as rigorously checked and held to a standard as in traditional programs. The simplest way for learners to assure themselves of the program’s credibility is to check their accreditations. The best online MBA while working full-time is important.

A program is only awarded accreditations after being checked rigorously to meet the accreditation standards. Accreditations do not make a difference between an online or an offline program. It just holds the services, operations, curriculum, course structure, and more under evaluation and verification. So, you can be assured that the best accredited online MBA programs are held to the same standards of credibility as the traditional MBA programs if not more.

Another thing that should be noticed is that the degree learners receive from the best online MBA programs for working professionals awards you a Master in Business Administration degree, just like a traditional MBA program. No specification on that certificate says an online degree or an on-campus degree.

Therefore, the myth that an online MBA for working professionals does not hold as much credibility as traditional MBA programs does not have any credibility to it.

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Myth 2: Networking Opportunities in an Online MBA are not equal to the On-Campus Program

The next myth about the top-rated online MBA programs is that they do not offer as many networking opportunities as a traditional MBA program. The perception that online MBA programs are lonely is entirely incorrect. This is because online MBA programs offer just as many networking opportunities as on-campus programs, if not more.

Most of the applicants for online MBAs for working professionals are working professionals. So, they have a lot of work experience on their resume. When all these people get together in an online MBA class, they make a much more dependable network.

As an online MBA, while working full-time is not as dependent on standardized test scores, the applicants are much more diverse than in the traditional MBA class. This diversified class leads to a diversified network for each applicant. All learners interact in group discussions and participate in interactive sessions to discuss their personal views.

Additionally, the best online MBA programs for working professionals break the barriers of location, offering a much more diversified network to its applicant than the traditional MBA programs.

So, you can have a helpful and diverse network even if you choose to get your online MBA degree from the best online MBA programs for working professionals.

If you want an MBA degree for your entrepreneurial journey, an MBA in strategy and leadership program online from JAIN Online can be highly useful.

Myth 3: Online MBA is only for Tech-Savvy Individuals

The next myth about the best accredited online MBA programs is that it is only meant for tech-savvy applicants. This is untrue because anybody who can use a computer or visit a website will be able to pursue their MBA online comfortably.

Getting your MBA from universities with online MBA programs has two basic technical requirements. You need a basic computer system set up and a decent internet connection. If you have both these things and know how to perform basic operations on your computer, you can get your online MBA with dedication and hard work.

All the learning materials you need will be uploaded in separate folders, which are easy to identify to help learners quickly move around in the study resources. In some universities with online MBA programs, learners are also provided an onboarding or induction video. This helps them get familiar with the Learning Management System of the program.

Therefore, you can get your MBA degree from top-rated online MBA programs even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

If you want to broaden your horizon in the field of MBA and also go for some exceptional MBA programs, an MBA in data science and analytics online from JAIN Online is a brilliant option.


There are several myths about an online MBA degree popular within the educational sector. A degree from the best accredited online MBA programs is just as reputable, credible, and valuable as a traditional offline MBA degree.

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